Cake & Candy Decorating Supplies in St. Louis, MO


Supplies for all your cake, candy, cookie, or specialty decorating needs. Come visit our store in St. Louis or place an order for shipping!

Extracts & Oils
Add specialty flavors to your cake batter, cake icing, cookies or even homemade chocolates. We have a huge variety of professional grade extracts and flavorings.
Fruit & Cream Filling
Put a layer of fruit filling between two layers of cake, fill a cupcake with non-dairy whipped icing, fill homemade donuts with a fruit filling, no matter what you are needing to fill we have a ton of pre-made flavors to choose from in store.
Edible Sugar Decorations
We have 100's of different types of sugar decorations which are great for on top of cakes, cupcake toppers, chocolates and even some cookies.
Cake Pans
Stop using those old, scratched up pans that everything sticks to for making cakes. We have a giant selection of professional grade pans for sale of all sizes and shapes. We also rent out cake pans so if you need it just once you don't need to purchase it.
Fondant can be used in a number of ways from cakes, to cupcakes and even cookies. It’s great to model with and to make smooth surfaces with. We have multiple colors of fondant available to choose from including chocolate fondant as well as different brand options.
Airbrush Supplies
Are you the crazy, awesome, artistic person that uses air brushes for coloring edibles? Hook yourself up with airbrush gel colors and some new tips! Add the coolest looking colors and blends to your cakes and cupcakes. We also can custom order for you an airbrush kit, just stop on by today.
Candy Molds
If you need a specific candy mold, we probably have it, from animal shapes to holiday themes, shapes and more. We have hundreds of different molds to choose from.
Sprinkles & More!
We have every type of sprinkles you can think of like holiday themed, all types of colors and shapes available in store right now. We even offer petal dust, luster dust, disco dust & edible metallic paint to make your creation totally unique.
Chocolate Wafers
We have a large selection of milk, dark, white, colored and sugar-free melting chocolate wafers made by Peter's & Merkens both are high-end chocolates. Stop on in today to pick up what you need, even if it's just 1 pound.
Variety of Cake Boards & Boxes
No matter what size of cake, pie, cookie, cakepop, cupcake or candy box or container you need, we have more than enough options to assure that we have what you're looking for.
Wedding Cake Supplies
We have everything you need for wedding desserts. Not only do we have icing, food coloring and icing, but we also have pillars, separators, toppers, edible flowers and more.
Sugar & Gum Paste Flowers
Since we are a sugar studio we can offer the most realistic royal flowers and sugar flowers in the St. Louis area. Our flowers look virtually 100% real and yet they are completely edible.
Cookie Cutters
Come view one of the largest selections of cookie cutters in St. Louis. We have tons of shapes and themed cutters available in store. Stop in today to check out the selection.
Variety of Piping Tips
No matter what type of tip you're looking for, we most likely have it. Whether you want to make flowers and need a rose tip or you need to make ropes and just need a round opening, we have close to 100 tips to choose from.
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