Cookie Cutters in the St. Louis area

Looking for Cookie Cutters in St. Louis? We have so many cookie cutters near you, you wouldn’t believe! We have hundreds of cutters on hand in our shop, so pretty much no matter what you’re looking for we probably have it, if not we can special order it for you. You can give us a call any time to ask if we are carrying something currently in stock for you.


We have cookie cutters of many different sizes which will satisfy the craving of any aged guest, whether they are 1 or 101, we cater to all ages.


Karen Ann’s also cares about selection quality. We carry numbers, letters, shapes, Mickey Mouse shapes, animal shapes, holiday shapes, flowers, cactus, pumpkins, religious shapes, clouds and hundreds of other types of shapes of cookie cutters. We also sell rolling pins which will help you roll out sugar cookies as well as other types of cookies to cut out and bake. Don't forget to pickup some cookie boxes to help you transport your creations.

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